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Miscellaneous notes from Austin

Main Building at UT Austin (photo by jfre81)

It's been awhile. Most of my link-sharing and short posts in 2009 and 2010 seem to have been rerouted to Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter. For various reasons, I hope to pull some of my social media performance back out of Facebook. This is somewhat of a test post to see what has broken in the intervening months since I was last present here. So, a brief roundup:


Angela and I moved to Austin last August. I took an awesome postdoc position with Sharon Strover and the UT Austin | Portugal CoLab in advanced digital media. What's the CoLab? "The UT Austin | Portugal International Collaboraboratory for Emerging Technologies or CoLab is a partnership between the Science and Technology Foundation of Portugal (FCT) and the University of Texas at Austin, in conjunction with several Portuguese universities. Launched in 2007, the goal of this project is to expand the presence of advanced digital media through educational and research exchange." I'm currently teaching a semester-long comm theory course for the doctoral digital media program at the University of Porto. I was in Porto in March to start things off face-to-face, and we've since held weekly seminar meetings via videoconference. I'll return to Porto next month for final exams.

I also have a lecturer appointment in the Radio-Television-Film department at UT, and taught an undergrad Intro to Digital Media class both last fall and this spring. The classes were incredibly fun and rewarding to teach, and provided an opportunity to stretch my media production knowledge a bit. Both classes worked with Carlos Santana's Architects of a New Dawn project to produce short web videos (read about it in Communique).


My research has included the continuation of inquiries started at Buffalo as well as some progress in new directions. I got to travel a bit for conferences and have been happy to have several manuscripts published or accepted for publication in the past few months. While I won't be in Singapore next month for ICA, papers coauthored with Kevin Lim and Michael Stefanone will be presented by those fine fellows.

My "new directions" include work related to indie media institutions and economics. I collected survey data from several hundred attendees and all of the exhibitors at the STAPLE! Independent Media Festival in March, and will be presenting some of this work at NCA this fall in San Francisco. The changing relationships among artists, consumers and content are a fascinating topic, and I'm especially interested in the new economic spaces and models that indie creators are currently experimenting with.

...North Carolina!

This fall, I'll be joining the faculty of the School of Communications at Elon University as an Assistant Professor. Elon, located between Greensboro and Chapel Hill / Durham, is a dynamic institution and a great professional and personal match for my interests and skills. The rapidly growing comm school just launched a cutting-edge Masters of Interactive Media program. Like the school and university as an whole, the iMedia program has a special focus on social engagement. Projects within the school include the Elon/Pew Internet Project Imagining the Internet and the Sunshine Center of the North Carolina Open Government Coalition. Many other little things -- meaningful sustainability initiatives, the strong promotion of study abroad (and a winter term that makes it logistically easy), the stunningly beautiful campus, etc. -- give me much to look forward to.

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