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So the blog has been hibernating for a few weeks due to offline commitments. Some dear college friends tied the knot at the Graceland Chapel in Vegas last week, and I was able to hang out with them there for a few days. Then my family flew out to visit for a few days, and we explored the Niagara area a little.

This weekend I'm going to party with some rockstars. Well, "party" meaning "attend an academic conference" and "rockstars" being people like Judith Donath, Ward Cunningham, Brewster Kahle, Larry Lessig, David Weinberger, Jimmy Wales and so on. Yes, it's Wikimania!

Alex and I are presenting some of our research on Wikipedia's topical coverage. Here's the video-enhanced version of our abstract. Should be a fun time -- I'm sticking around for the whole weekend, and looking forward to putting faces to many of the names I read.


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